Welcome to home page of Top Concepts ICT Centre. Although I was not sure before that I could change the world with the gift of God in me, now I have a rare privilege to introduce to you an incredible institute that will really change the world and has the potential to do even more in the years ahead than it has already done. It is really a dawn of a new era.

Well, it is quite a reminiscing delight to look back at the beginning of Top Concepts ICT Centre. It though then, with one fairly used system, seemed as if its light will never shine, today the story changed immeasurably and remarkably. The barren has given birth to brethren—all glory to God, the author and finisher of our faith, who has created something great out of nothing.

One incredible thing we believe is going to take place through this institute soon is that literally several thousands of jobs will be created through the practicable wealth-oriented training we offer. We believe that with our focus in adding values to others, we can change the world. Our numerous students who have benefited from us over the years bear testimony to this. We believe that with God on our side, we are heading somewhere.

Hauwa M. Audu, in her book titled Can Every Nigerian be a Millionaire?, asked: what would I do if I were unemployed?  She said, “If I were unemployed, it would not matter whether I am a graduate or not, I would create employment for myself.” That is what we do—build our students strong enough to be able to create wealth.

My reader, I am using this opportunity to tell you that you do not need to look for the job that is not there, create  one for yourself by availing yourself the opportunity of learning from our institute’s wealth-oriented programme that will put full-stop to your unending search for non-existing job.

Poverty is a matter of choice. If you choose not to be poor, you will find out how to avoid poverty. Some people decide to watch poverty stare them in the face. Some think there are those who are born to be poor and those born to be rich; so they just sit down and fold their hands, doing nothing to change their situation and continue blaming their backgrounds, their parents, the government and everyone else for their poverty.

Whether you are from a poor background or not, you must make a decision to either be rich or be poor: you must choose what you desire.

I am using this opportunity to tell you to choose right and stop blaming your backgrounds.  Knowledge and skill is wealth and wealth is power, with wealth many things are accomplished.

Thank you for taking your time to read through this page and please endeavour to go through the rest of the pages. God bless you.                   

Temitope Philips- Director